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Tripura goes to elections in 2023 and Biplab Deb is simply undefeatable



Tripura CM Biplab Deb has thoroughly cleaned up the mess created under the Communist government’s reign for the past 25 years. Action speaks louder when it comes to Deb, be it striking hard on the corruption, regulating the influx of illegal immigrants, or his remarkable war on drugs, he doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what is right and the cadre leader is here to stay.


Education is not just about degrees and qualifications, its main objective is to provide people with a wider perception and the ability to convert information into knowledge. Negligence regarding any scrutiny of the syllabus of the TBSE, Tripura state’s Board of Secondary Education under the communist government willingly subverted the secondary curriculum, although they achieved a literacy rate of 95%, the statistics, however, did not show the grim picture.

Earlier the students in Tripura learned about the Russian and French revolutions and Hitler, there were no mentions of Subhas Chandra Bose or Rani Laxmi bai. The students read about the theories of Marx, Mao and the struggle of Europe but did not learn about Indian kings and national freedom struggle. Chapters on Indian freedom fighters were also excluded to provide space for the birth of cricket in England. Chapters on the Indian constitution were also missing from the syllabus. The curriculum also failed to highlight Tripura and its history.

The very first-course correction that Biplab deb had achieved in the very short span of his debut term is upgrading the quality of education, by the removal of the Marxist adulterated textbooks from the state-run schools and colleges and introducing the NCERT prescribed books instead, which also included Tripura’s history.

War on Drugs

Before coming to power in Tripura, one of the major promises made by the BJP led alliance was to crack down on all crime syndicates operating with impunity under the patronage of the CPI(M) led left front. The most lethal and powerful cartel operating in Tripura patronised by the CPI (M) was the drug cartel and the Biplab Deb government had cracked down hard on the drug mafia and cartel operating in the state.

He had alleged that the trade thrived during the previous CPI (M)-led government and aimed at not a single patch of land in the state under his rule should have a cannabis plant. The CPI (M) was used to encourage ganja cultivation and benefit directly from the sale of cannabis.

Illegal Immigrants

Biplab Deb government has resolved to provide high-quality governance to Tripura and security to its citizens against rampant immigration by launching a monumental assault against illegal immigrants in the state. 

Chief Minister Deb took a step further in making a significant dent in the influx of illegal immigrants and their criminal pursuits. In a legendary move, for the first time in the history of Tripura, the Deb led BJP government had set up a crime branch back in 2018, which exclusively dealt with anti-social elements, especially the drug peddlers and the Rohingya terrorists, who caused a great nuisance in the North-East. The crime branch only speaks volumes about how concerned his predecessors were about the welfare of the Tripura state.

Youth Power

In an exclusive interview with TFI founder Atul Mishra, Biplab discusses the significance of youth power in the country, he elaborates on how India’s high population should be treated as a strength rather than a weakness. The focus should be on the fact that 65% of our population constitutes of the youth which signifies the future of the country and hence this human resource should be well invested and walk in the path inspired by PM Modi. Youth power is believed to be one of the most important assets for economic growth. The youth can contribute to India’s success and progress only if they are equipped with skills and knowledge which shall be provided by the Biplab Deb government.

Ground Level Performance

In the interview, they further discussed the pivot role of Biplab and his popularity among the ground-level workers. Deb is young as well as a ‘local face’. His excellent ground-level performance and presence are what makes him a popular figure. The BJP government needed a cadre in Tripura and they found Biplab deb as the perfect fit for the criteria. The masses of Tripura were already unhappy with Congress as opposition and needed an alternative, a party that could bring change in the stagnant economy led by the communist government. Before the 2018 elections, the BJP workers actively worked to bring dynamic changes which won the hearts of the people of Tripura.

 A structure was built with Panna pramukhs (page in-charge), booth level committees, Shakti Kendras, different morchas and district committees. Vistaraks or full-time workers were appointed, and to train them, workers were brought in from Assam.

Biplab led BJP government highlighted key issues like lack of development, high rate of unemployment, CPI(M)’s anti-industry stand, poverty, high crime rates, and the government’s inability to implement the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission for government employees which further attracted the mass.

Sunil Deodhar, the BJP Tripura prabhari (in-charge) and former RSS pracharak, is also largely credited for the win, he says that cross-voting by hardcore Left families was one of the factors for the BJP’s victory in 2018. The RSS worked in the background, the BJP put its organisation in place to match the Left Front’s formidable cadre base and Deb was the cadre leader, this was important as the BJP did not have any presence in Tripura back then. Biplap Dev on the other hand had a commendable control and influence on the cadre. His popularity and connection with the public are one of the major reasons behind his being undefeatable in Tripura.

Besides the groundwork, Prime Minister Modi’s image and northeast outreach had helped attract voters.

Despite the extensive biases of the mainstream media propaganda against the BJP government, the victory of 2018 is going to repeat and Biplab Deb is here to stay. His connection with people from diverse backgrounds, specifically the ground level is commendable. CPI (M) attacks are not going to work on him and TMC is virtually a non-player in Tripura. The Himanta-Deb duo is invincible, their popularity and all-around development strategy in the Northeast have already won the will of the people. 

The results of the 2023 election are well predicted, the people’s man Biplab Deb is simply unbeatable in the elections next year.

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Call me “Dada”, not “Sir”, Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb to employees



Agartala: In what appears to be a step to boost the morale of the government employees, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Sunday asked the government employees to call him “Dada” instead of “Sir”. “Call me Dada, not sir. It enhances the warmth of the relationship”, Deb told a gathering of government employees.

Deb exhorted the government employees of the state especially ASHA and Anganwadi workers of the state asking them not to dishearten as the state government was eager to improve their pay structure.

“I salute the ASHA and Anganwadi workers of my state. The level of dedication that my sisters have shown during the pandemic period deserved applause. I know, they want to hear good news from me and I am assuring you all that this government will not disappoint anyone”, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb told a gathering of government employees at Badharghat sports school field organized by Vivekananda Vicha Manch (VVM).

VVM has emerged as a big platform of government employees, of late, and Sunday’s public rally was its first big gathering to thank the Chief Minister for the series of steps his government took for the welfare of the employees.

“I know what challenges you people are facing. Nothing is hidden in front of me. I am assuring you all everything will be taken care of in the due course of time”, he added.  Lauding the efforts of government employees Deb said, without them no government office can function.

“Due to the efforts of government employees, people can access the benefits of the state sponsored welfare schemes. But, for a prolonged period the employees did not get their right to do something freely. They were trapped in the clutches of unions. In the previous regime, Left sponsored unions used to enjoy supreme power which had reduced the whole work culture of the state to tatters. In 2018, you people showed courage and voted BJP to power”, said Deb.

“Despite fund constraints, the state government is positively working on the issues of DA and other factors pertaining to the interest of the government employees. Our government has already addressed a number of issues related to financial benefits. The ad-hoc promotion, increment for Group D, Group C employees, regularization of SSA teachers, seventh pay scale, UGC scale for professors, special benefit for LTC are to name a few. All these indicate what we want to do and we shall do what we promise”, the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister also asked the officials not to call him “sir” suggesting them to refer to him as “Dada” as it makes the relationship stronger and cherished. The Chief Minister also distributed clothes among children of Badharghat sports school during the programme. State BJP President Manik Saha, Minister Ram Prasad Paul, Minister Sushanta Chowdhury, MLA Mimi Majumder, state BJP Vice President and president of Vivekananda Vichar Manch Rajib Bhattacharjee also spoke on the occasion.

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